DYMATIZE AMINOPRO 30 serv. Orange Best by: 09/2019

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  • Energy from caffeine. Only available in AminoPro with Energy.
  • 5.5g Amino blend + electrolytes.
  • 2.5g of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Proven to help build muscle and aid in recovery.
  • Citrulline & Taurine free-form amino acids.
  • Non-GMO.

Dymatize AminoPro and AminoPro with Energy both deliver high-quality performance amino acids that support muscle during intense workouts and throughout the day. Reinforced with key electrolytes, AminoPro and AminoPro with Energy are ideal for any athlete who is serious about getting the most out of their training.

All Dymatize products are rigorously tested for quality to ensure that nutritional levels stated on the label are in the bottle.