Allmax Waxy Maize 600 gm.

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Allmax Waxy Maize Details

Cross-Linked Amylopectin Carb Fuel

  • Immediate Glycogen Mediated Muscle Volumizing
  • High Molecular Weight Polymerized Carb Fuel
  • Exclusive Multi-Patented Cross-Linked Amylopectin
  • Fuels Powerful and Intense Workouts
  • 100% Sugar-Free, Mixes Easily with Zero Bloating and No Water  Retention

ALLMAX Waxy Maize 2300™ is a superior source of carbohydrate fuel. It has an extremely low osmolarity rate, meaning, it is absorbed and digested very well. With zero sugar and no gluten, it creates zero bloating and no water retention. With a molecular weight over 3000 times greater than dextrose, AWM2300™ has the ability to pull other notoriously difficult nutrients, such as Creatine, Beta-Alanine and Arginine, across the intestinal wall with it and increase their absorption.

AW2300 has a molecular weight over 3000 times greater than dextrose!

Allmax Waxy Maize Advantage

ALLMAX Waxy Maize is an extremely high molecular weight polymerized carbohydrate with an ideal pH of 6.0. It is composed of highly branched Amylopectin molecules. Through an exclusive patented process, Waxy Maize AWM2300™ is further enhanced – the already high molecular weight Amylopectin molecule is structurally modified through a mass polymerization process. The result is a highly branched chain cross-linked carbohydrate fuel.

In part, due to its rapid rate of absorption, Waxy Maize AWM2300™ helps to quickly replenish glycogen stores even better when taken during your workout. It helps spare both glycogen and muscle protein, making it an excellent choice to be consumed throughout training. With its strong hygroscopic affinity for water, Waxy Maize has been found to pull subcutaneous water into the blood, increasing blood volume and reducing water under the skin.

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