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Almightea Kombucha fermented and alive black tea is very rich in active ingredients. It is one of the best health-based kombucha products available to you. Its nutritional richness is based on the fermentation of patented black tea, which releases and increases the bio-availability of the following compounds: antioxidants, organic acids, probiotics, B vitamins and enzymes.

Almightea Kombucha is concentrated and provides at least 30 servings per bottle. 


Antioxidants: Fight against the aging of the skin. Fights inflammation and relieves pain.

Detoxifying: Allows the elimination of toxins in the body.

Antibacterial : Protects against microbial infections.

Energizing : Regulates the metabolism and vitalizes the body.

Digestion : Promotes the latter, stimulating the intestinal function
and helps maintain the intestinal flora.


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