Magnum Hard Muscle Builder 90 caps.

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The Strongest Muscle Builder: HMB for Natural Athletes!

  • Builds More Muscle*
  • Increases Energy*
  • Decreases Stress and Anxiety*
  • Enables Quicker Recovery*

Bigger, harder, leaner, more muscular, better energy, higher testosterone, less stress and anxiety, quicker recovery! Finally, a nutritional supplement, backed by science, that delivers the physique results you’ve been looking for!


Bigger, harder, leaner, more muscular, better energy, higher testosterone, less stress and anxiety, quicker recovery! Finally a nutritional supplement, backed by science, which delivers the physique results you’ve sought after.

When HARD MUSCLE BUILDER is combined with high intensity weight training your gains will be quicker and more consistent than ever before. Even better, taking HARD MUSCLE BUILDER on a low calorie diet, as used to prepare for a physique show or photo shoot, you’ll retain more muscle throughout your diet and be a bigger, leaner, more densely muscled athlete. If that wasn’t enough a key ingredient in HARD MUSCLE BUILDER was shown to increase strength, size, and produce a greater decrease in body fat over a placebo group. HARD MUSCLE BUILDER also boosts your immune system, increases your testosterone levels, combats stress, and lowers the muscle-cannibalizing hormone Cortisol. Now you can stay natural while achieving the lean muscular body you’ve always dreamt of having.

More Muscle

myHMB helps prevent muscle wasting and protein breakdown, improves exercise performance, and reduces recovery time. Studies have shown HMB has a nitrogen sparing effect, slows blood lactate accumulation resulting in greater time to reach VO2 max, improves aerobic capacity, and aids fat loss from exercise. In one human study using a 1.5-gram daily dose of HMB versus a placebo, the HMB group showed decreased muscle damage and protein degradation, a 13% increase in total weight lifted, and a 1.8lb gain in lean body mass versus a placebo in only three weeks!

HMB has been shown to affect muscle protein turnover by stimulating protein synthesis via the mTor pathway, and by decreasing catabolic signalling pathways. HMB may also stimulate protein synthesis through the growth hormone/IGF-1 axis.

More Reps & Less Muscle Damage

PureKIC (Alpha-ketoisocaproate Calcium) is a keto acid of the amino acid leucine. KIC is anti-catabolic, which means muscle growth by moving the body from a catabolic (muscle wasting) to anabolic (muscle building) state. Studies have shown that KIC increases muscle protein synthesis, antioxidant action, improves nitrogen balance, fat loss, HMB synthesis, insulin release, anticatabolic action, ammonia scavenging and immune system stimulation. Researchers demonstrated significant reductions in signs and symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage following eccentric exercise when they gave their subjects a combination of HMB and KIC daily for 14 days.

More Strength, Size & Testosterone

KSM-66 is a standardized extract of the adaptogen Ashwagandha. KSM-66 produced significantly greater increases in muscle strength and size over placebo groups, and significantly greater reductions of exercise-induced muscle damage. The KSM-66 group experienced a significantly greater increase in muscle strength on bench-press (26.4 kg for placebo versus 46.0 kg for KSM-66) and leg extension (9.8 kg for placebo versus 14.5 kg for KSM-66). The KSM-66 group also showed a significantly greater arm muscle size increase (5.3 cm2 for placebo versus 8.6 cm2 for KSM-66) and chest (1.4 cm for placebo versus 3.3 cm for KSM-66). The KSM-66 group also demonstrated a significantly greater reduction of exercise-induced muscle damage, a significantly greater increase in testosterone levels (+15%), and significantly greater decrease in body fat percentage when compared with the placebo group.

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