Gym Hack: How to Gain 15lbs of muscle in one month!

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Please note that this is not my routine, the originator is unknown but we've taken some information from the Breathing squat method by Charles Poliquin and Super squats from the iron-man press.
Do this routine twice a week with two other full body workouts (minus legs) in between these routines:
1- Use a weight that is comfortable enough to do a barbell squat for ten reps.
2- Do three warm-up sets of five reps with this weight with a four minute break between each set.
3- Now unpack your bar using the same weight and squat with a 3 second pause at the bottom.
4- Increase your weight now and take three deep breathes and do this again for 20 reps.


Essentially you aren't doing one set of 20 reps but really 20 sets of 1 rep with a 3-4 second break between sets.
You must complete the exercise and hit twenty reps even if it takes longer then three breathes between reps.
This will be your workout for the day, combine this twice a week with a full body workout in between your squat workouts, don't do this exercise longer than four weeks.


1- Take two grams of protein per kilo of your body-weight. If you can't get enough protein from food use a good protein blend.
2- Eat six small meals a day and aim for high fat, low carbs.



    1- Bcaas 4 servings a day. Take two scoops during your workout.
    2- A carb supplement during your workout consumed during warm-up sets.
    3- A strong Pre-workout to help you get through your workout.
    4- Glutamine every night for recovery and post workout.


      The science behind this is simple. Squats pack on mass and a program like this shocks the body into muscle growth. The body can't pack on 15lbs of muscle alone on the quads, you will find muscle definition throughout your body.

      Try this workout and let us know your results!

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